About me

Hello my name is Adrian , I am 17 years old . I am from Buncrana Co Donegal . A lot of people in my town would know me for a couple of reasons mainly because I run my own charity Buncrana’s Own Children in Need . I set it up in November 2016 and we have given over €12,000 to families since then . We also do hospital Nominations which helps sick children in hospital . I am so proud of this charity and I hope to continue it . I am also involved in many other things .

I decided to take a big risk in starting a blog . I love the idea of having your own opinion and people listening to it . I love telling stories and recommending   things  . I am going to talk about local and national events I will go to or involved in , my. Charity , my summers travelling and about my life . My great family and friends and my journey in life .

I am so nervous writing this blog and not sure what people will think, if people would laugh at it but I always wanted to do it and would really  love  your support thank you so much



  1. Very good young mac! I’m never sure where you get your energy or enthusiasm from , but it is relentless. Well done again .I’m looking forward to reading your blogs in the future.

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  2. I’m your mams cuz and you keep doing what your doing your an amazing person and who gives a f÷#k what people think the amount of people that you are helping will override those who you think will laugh and if they stop and realise what good your doing and might need your help some day proud to know you


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