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I Hope you are enjoying my blog.I have a Instagram Account (lifeisforlivingandgiving) and a Facebook Account you can like and follow me also. Halloween is over and Christmas is coming my favourite time of year. Lots of people go to New York this time of year. I have been before here is my guide about New York :

In May, My best friend Caitlin invited me to go to Boston and to go visit New York. I immediately said “Yes”! It was a trip of a lifetime I couldn’t refuse. I went with Caitlin, her mammy Susan and her best friend Marian.

  • Day 1 – We arrived at our train station beside Madison Square Garden at 1 o clock . We checked in at our hotel. We met our friend Dernella Diver who lives in America who gave us a excellent tour of the city. We walked around New York main avenues and seen lots of sites including Trump towers, The Rockefeller Centre, St Patricks Cathedral, Central Park, CNN, The Plaza Hotel (where home alone was based). This was a brilliant tour by Dernella and and very kind of her to take time with us . That night we went to a lovely Irish pub called “The Shamrock and had lovely food. My dream was always to see Times Square at night time, all the big lights. We went here after dinner. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dream came true. I Dreamed of being there for years. It was unbelievable. I felt like I was in a film. When we were sitting in the middle of Times Square a lovely Policeman asked us are we Irish ? We said yes and he loved Irish people . He told us all about the NYPD and life as a police officer in one of the major attractions in the world. He was really nice.
  • Day 2- We got up early because we wanted to see lots of attractions. We went to the Empire state building, it was amazing. The Views of the city were spectacular. We then went to One World Observatory. To be honest I did not enjoy here. I thought it was a waste of money and It was not interesting at all. Across the road was Ground Zero, I really wanted to see this attraction. It was really interesting. I got a really gloomy feeling inside it though. It was extremely sad but very peaceful and we could see their was six Irish people died in the attack. I think you have to see this at least once. On the way back to the hotel We saw Brooklyn Bridge. It was great to see this also. It was our last night in New York so we decided to go to Times Square again because we loved it so much. This night we all danced and sang around the place . The four of us ended up on the floor laughing.😂😂
  • Day 3- It was our last day in The Big Apple . Our Train was Mid day. Our hotel and train station was across the road from Madison Square Garden.We got a tour of there that morning. It was nice to see where the big sports events take place Our New York Trip came to a end. I was really sad I did not want to leave.I definitely want to go back and maybe even live there in the future.


RECOMMEND – Ground Zero, Empire State Building, Times Square, St Patricks Cathedral, The Plaza Hotel, Central Park.


– Do a Broadway Musical

– see The Bronx of New York .

– See Cake boss Studios.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and If you like my recommendations . Hope you continue to read my blog . Enjoy looking at the photos below

Adrian Mc Myler

Life is for Living and For Giving

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