A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat and determination and hard work …

I have strong opinions on lots of topics but I am writing today about success, failure, dreams and ambitions. I am so passionate about these topics and would really appreciate if you have a read please…

I love the idea of becoming a Success. I love Enterprise involved within success. Enterprise is when a human takes the initiative and starts something new, whether it is in the household, in the community, in school or your workplace.

The Big International success people like; Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, these people became a success through hard work and determination. They came up with their creativity and used their entrepreneurial minds with unbelievable enterprises, some were failures, some were massive successes. They were determined to become a success. In order to become a success like these people, you have to be truly dedicated, determined, and working endlessly morning to night, sweating with stress and being brave and to be a “risk taker” and of course ruthless.

“There is no elevator to success.You have to take the stairs”. This famous quote is exactly what I am referring too about these successful humans. They work to the extreme to run and own the most successful companies in the world. They took the stairs to Success not the elevator. Their is no such thing as success unless you put in the hard work and dedication to your new enterprise.

I have lots of dreams. In fact I have different dreams I hope to achieve nearly every few hours. Some are realistic and some aren’t. Some dreams never go away, some disappear in seconds.If you really want to follow your dreams, nothing is ever going to stop you reach your goal and dream in life but you have to take stairs and work hard. It seems like a massive commitment but if you believe in yourself so much and don’t give up you could be the next international global success this is my firm beliefs.

Some dreams come to my head, I love the idea but I know realistically I’m not suitable either to the person in the dream or the idea it might not be me. I might not think about it again, but some dreams come and gets really me excited about my journey in life. I am 17 years old, I am extremely proud of myself for dreams I followed up on. I believed in myself and set goals and I reached my goals. I’m now planning bigger dreams you never know, all the dreams could be unsuccessful dreams, but I always look at the bright side of Life and maybe like my dreams already which was successful it could go the same way and be a national success my dreams I hope to achieve someday.

My Successful dreams already worked with lots of hard work and dedication but mainly with help from extremely good kind, caring people. People who surround you with positivity, and a big warm heart. People who put a smile on your face when you are stressed and want to give up your hopes and ambitions.People who offer support and wants to help you. My Dreams would have been unsuccessful so far in my life if I did not surround myself with great people. I am going to continue to dream big, work hard, stay focused, and continue to surround myself with good genuine people.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today. I would really appreciate your feedback, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Remember people “you only live once” so You follow your dreams like I am following mine and you be yourself be you and be who you want to be …

Adrian Mc Myler

(Life is for Living and for Giving )

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