It is a Time for Giving and Caring..

Hi Everyone,

I haven’t updated a post in a couple of weeks because my phone and laptop was being repaired but I’m back and hope you enjoyed my blog so far and continue to like my blog.

I still be extremely nervous writing my blog posts as I am still getting use to it. I love the social media side of blogging it is really cool and you get lots of followers and make lots of contact with bloggers from all over Europe.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love the atmosphere and buzz at Christmas time. I love the family time, Although this year I am missing my only brother as he is off travelling the world. The picture is Buncrana Christmas lights. They are just amazing. The Committee this year put in a huge amount of effort to make the town Beautiful they have to be recognised for their great work.

This link will bring you to a Facebook post I recently posted. This video was taking last year in America. The video is very emotional but it is extremely nice and would lift your heart and how kind people can be in this big world by giving people things when they are in need. Christmas is great but some people hate Christmas for many reasons.

A person may have lost a family member or a dear friend, maybe they are struggling financially and wondering how will they afford Christmas in their household or maybe they are feeling lonely this Christmas. Giving is so important this time of year to help those in need. Saint Vincent de Paul is a brilliant charity for families in financial need especially this time of year coming up to Christmas. If you have any vouchers etc I’m sure they would appreciate the donations. Please if you know somebody and they feel lonely call around for half hour for a chat and make them feel good. You could help them have a lovely Christmas by doing small simple things what people would appreciate so much. As you will see in the video above the shop assistant did so much goodness to help a man in need to have Christmas for his children. This is what Christmas is all about. Helping each other and having a good time.

I hope people take into consideration what I have wrote as people will appreciate it so much.your heart is filled with joy and happiness why don’t you make the difference to somebody else’s life and fill their hear with joy and happiness with your loving kindness and Christmas cheer.

I am so thankful to each and everyone of you for following my blog. It has been very successful so far with my Instagram running for 3 weeks and have over a 1000 followers and almost 500 likes on Facebook. Thank you so much to king and crew barbershop and O Flaherty’s Bar for helping me and donating excellent prizes. There will be a Christmas competition this week on Instagram and Facebook so please like and share..

Hope you are enjoying all your Christmas shopping and enjoying the atmosphere and love this Christmas. Thank you so much for the support and remember


Life is For Living and for Giving ❤️


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