Bol is the Place to be ….

Hi Everyone,

I am overwhelmed with the responses so far in my blog posts. It has been delightful to help people and recommend places to travel and places to see I really love it and would love to keep receiving messages from people looking for advice and travel advice. This week I am going to talk about a very special place. Start thinking about your 2018 Summer Holiday. What better way to spend then relax at the beautiful beaches,Swim in the blue Sea and go party at night. It is “a day in paradise”.

My Mother and myself run holiday home rentals in Croatia in a beautiful town called Bol.Bol is a beautiful Beach resort unaffected by tourism to date. The beaches are beautiful and caters for everyone, all ages young and old. You can have a very relaxing holiday, you can have a party holiday, Bol caters for everyone. Our modern apartments are located in the town centre.

These apartments have great reviews from tourists all over Europe. We take a lot of pride in the apartments. We maintain them well. Bookings are filling up already it is well worth it believe me guaranteed sunshine and waking up every morning listening to the ocean . Here is the link to the Facebook page of the apartments. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information ❤️

Have a great weekend, I definitely will as I am making my formal this weekend I cannot wait to party with all my school mates. Below I will add video links about Bol and photos. This post is short and sweet but hopefully you enjoyed post and the photos, videos.✈️🇭🇷🇭🇷

Thank you


Life is for Living and for Giving


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