Best Weekend of my Life…

Hello people,

Last Weekend I had my school formal in the Inishowen Gateway hotel in Buncrana. It was the best night of my life. It is a night I will never forget.My Photos are not uploading on to the blog post but if you look at my Instagram you will see them.

We met in my friend Caitlin’s first. We got professional photos done and drank lots of champagne excited to get our transport to the Hotel. Our transport was Richie Remo lorry. The driver played his famous song Hit the Diff full blast and we sang the whole way and cheered it was unbelievable.

When we arrived at the hotel, the adrenaline you getting out at the crowds of people cheering you while you walk up the red floor is amazing. The Atmosphere etc you felt like you were a celebrity in Hollywood.

We got our group photos taken and met all our family and friends and partners. Had great fun. It was time for the meal. The meal was ok. The speeches was hilarious well done to the head Boy/Girl and deputy Head Boy/Girl.

We then danced the night away with The Cavanagh Brothers Band. They were fantastic very lively and had all the staff and students up on the floor. It was fantastic that the teachers and students bonded so well at the formal. We all danced together had great fun and made lots of memories and partied all night with all my class.

It truly was the best weekend of my life with a experience I will never forget. We continued partying all weekend and made lots of funny memories. We were home safe hungover on Sunday but it was well worth it.

I decided I wanted to write about something different this week other than travel. I am mostly covering travel at the minute because most people book their holidays this time of year so you are more than welcome to contact me for advice about where to go on your summer holidays. I have been to lots of summer destinations and also beach resorts so contact me I would be only privileged to help you.

After Christmas can be very depressing as nothing happens and everyone is tired. And problems can occur in the household when everyone isn’t in great form. You can contact me for a chat and I will be willing to listen and try help.

Another exciting weekend on the way for me as it will be my 18th Birthday Party I’m so excited.Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate with me. Sorry about no photos as WordPress is not working properly. Have a great weekend and thank you for reading my Blog post hope you enjoyed it. ❤️☺️

Adrian @ Life is For Living and For Giving.

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