18th Birthday Celebrations

Hey Guys,

I say most of you all know I had my 18th Birthday on Sunday. I made the most of my birthday by celebrating it for 2 Weeks 😂😂. I had my party on the 20th January in the plaza. It is an amazing venue for parties. It was the top hall. Not to big or not to small just perfect. I would definitely recommend it.

Got many cards thanks to all my friends and family and thrilling presents. I got a whole new Bedroom, A ticket to Australia and many more. I am in total shock I am one very lucky Boy. Thank you all so much again for your kindness and generosity towards me. The Inishowen Independent was at the party and took lots of photos I was to busy enjoying myself to take any these 2 photos is the only photos I have on my phone. You can see all the photos in the paper.Finally a big thanks to everyone who came. My parents, Ursula and the staff at the plaza. Dawn O Neil from the Lily Rose for supplying all the food. It was beautiful. Highly recommend The Lily Rose. Thanks to GOD who supplied the music to suit everyone at the party.We were missing one very special person at the party but he was there on FaceTime lol. My brother Patrick.

This was a small blog post about my celebrations and my party, hope you enjoyed it

Thank you

Life is for Living and For Giving. ❤️

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