Be your Own Individual, your Own Person, Be different and be happy !

Hi Folks

Hope you all had a great week. I got my best ever feedback last week with my Mental health blog post. I hope I continue to get this feedback. It was my most viewed blog post yet and lots of new likes on my Facebook and Instagram because of it so delighted and proud thank you all. ❤️

This Week I’m going to talk about being yourself, and being your own individual and be different.

Everyone has the right to life. Everyone has the right to what they want to do in life. Everyone has the right to equality. Everyone has a right to be different in life. Everyone has the right to be unique. Everyone has the right to be doing different things in life than the majority of people but this is being an individual doing something different and this is what makes an interesting person being different.

There are many ways people are different, Men can do What women be associated with doing and the women can do what men usually be associated with. This doesn’t mean your sexuality changes just because a man likes to do something what a woman likes to do, people automatically associate these things and judges your sexuality without them hardly even knowing you. I’m begging you all to think before you speak. It doesn’t matter who you are or how big you think you are everyone has feelings and worries and troubles in their life and people judging them because they want to do what they love doing and hurting their feelings is just horrible.

Folks everyone has a life to live. Everyone has hopes and dreams, and are ambitious. Everyone live life to the maximum ! Be happy in life. I learned myself that life is far to short to be unhappy. If you are feeling unhappy listen to lively music, have a chat with your friends we are a big circle of friends to help one another so don’t worry be happy and be your own individual and be different to the rest you are unique..

Thank you

Life is for Living and for Giving

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