My next top 10 Places to see in the world 🌎

Hey people,

Hope you are keeping well. I really love traveling, seeing places, seeing different cultures and meeting many different people. I have a plan to have seen every continent in the world by the age of 30. I hope it works 😂.

I have seen lots so far which I am so grateful and delighted as I am still young 18 years old. I definitely want to visit places again like New York etc. I am going to Singapore and Australia in October so this does not count either. These 10 places are my next dream places to go. You may or may not like to go to the same places. We all have different tastes different personalities so hope you think my top 10 places to see is cool and some of these places may interest you.

1. Las Vegas

This is my dream place to go when I’m older. Everything about it seems unbelievable the colours of the city to the culture to the casinos nightclubs, everything about Las Vegas seems to be my dream place to see. I am saving to go on my 21st birthday in 3 years. Hopefully I can afford it and travel to my dream place.

2. Los Angeles

I would love to come here and see Hollywood. I love Palm trees and when you say Los Angeles you automatically associate it with Palm trees. I want to see the graffiti writing etc in California as it seems really funky and cool.

3. Tokyo

This city amazes me. I want to go here and see the extreme modern world. I want to see what the future will be like because here is ahead of every other city in the world. I want to see Tokyo.

4. Ibiza

Ibiza is close to home but believe me I want to see his place. I want to do the whole party scene and I want to see the sunset at cafe mambo which is suppose to be Class ! And of course guaranteed sunshine. What more could you ask for this is why I want to experience Ibiza.5. Barbados

Barbados here seems to really interest me, I don’t know much about here, but I really want to see it. Lots of celebs live here so maybe that what is convincing me to go.😂6. Dubai

Dubai looks to be a really good place to visit. I’m not sure if I would like it but I am eager to see here. I need Recommendations etc about here if I was to visit here.

7. Marbella

I can’t wait to travel here. I love People Watching and they see here is a great place to people watch. It also is suppose to be beautiful and rich. It sounds like you have a great night out also. Can’t wait to travel here.

8. Nashville.

9. Liverpool

Flares nightclub I need to go to in Liverpool. It seems to be my dream place to go out in 😂. It seems like a a great city to shop. I am going to go here for weekends awayhere for sure also just a short plane journey away and meant to be a very friendly city.

10. Iceland

This place sounds so interesting to me. Fascinating in fact! The blue lagoon “need I say more” and apparently photos don’t even do it justice. Snow mobiles and sleigh rides and going to see the live volcanoes 🌋 this is a place I really want to see

So folks as you see here is my top 10 places to see in the global world. Really hope you might find these places interesting and if you have any recommendations on any of these places please let me know.

Many thanks


Life is for Living and for Giving.❤️

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