You have to battle through bad days to earn the best days of your Life….

Hello everyone,

As you saw the title you probably presumed I had a bad week. Well the answer is Yes! I had a tough week. The week went on so long. I put on a pound weight last week. I had so much things on this week. I was tired all week after Mid term break. My brain was exhausted thinking about things and sorting out things and trying to plan my life.

I have been so nervous everywhere I went this week. I was scared, but I realised you have to have bad days in order to have good days. Look at yourself make yourself smile and get up and just do it. The famous line “What does not kill you makes you stronger” is so true. The more things happens you in life the stronger person you are. I believe I am a strong person in stages then I am not in other ways. I am good at coping with bad things at the present time but the aftermath when I think and my mind wanders into a 100 different things this is where I find myself being a weak person.

Things I do when I feel down:

  • Listen to Uplifting Music
  • Thinking of good times ahead
  • Thinking about travelling
  • Thinking about the summer and all the memories will be made
  • Think about my future with a wife and children hopefully
  • Be thankful I’m living and loving life.

I always think also their are many others who are having bad days and that Is life so you half to get up and get on with it. Life is to short to be moaning and feeling sorry get up and enjoy yourself you only live once.


  • What do you do when you feel down?
  • How do you pick yourself up again ?
  • Do you enjoy life ?
  • Do you set goals and targets for the future ?

Thank you all so much for listening to me complain about my bad week but Life is for Living do get up and get on with life set goals and targets and you will make the best memories of your life. I would appreciate it if you would message me back your answers to the questions above.

Many thanks

Life is for Living and For Giving Blog ❤️

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