Favourite Clothes Brands and styles for men

Hello Readers,

I’m sorry I have been a bit slow this past week on blog posts because of the snow and I am to busy enjoying it. Everything is calming after storm Emma. I have my next months Blog Posts planned. I have a Variety of things to write about including Film Review on my favourite film of the year, a travel blog , lifestyle blog, and other things also which will be announced soon 😉.

I decided I need to concentrate on more Men’s Fashion. I neglected the Fashion side of my blog for a month or so because I had lots to talk about on my lifestyle and travel side. I will mainly use Instagram for my fashion side so you can follow me on that @lifeisforlivingandforgiving.

I am going to talk about my top 3 male clothing brands and styles I love from these brands.

1. Topman

Topman is my favourite shop and clothing brand. The style they sell in the shop and the style they advertise on the mannequins. My favourite Topman store is in London in Convent Garden. These are a few of my favourite styles from Topman.

2. Nike

I love Nike for everyday wear. The clothes is comfortable and casual. It is cool looking, and nice and for my age.

3. Hugo Boss

I love Hugo Boss it is really classy and stylish, city style, street style. It is really expensive but worth it pity I could not afford everything they have.

This is my first blog post on fashion but as I said earlier I will do most of my fashion side on Instagram.

Thank you for reading and looking forward for you to reading my next months blog post and my exciting announcement in the next month. Please stay tuned. Just a reminder also you can follow me on Instagram twitter and Facebook under @lifeisforlivingandforgiving. Remember keep living your life to the full and thank you for reading.

Life is for Living and for Giving ❤️

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