The Rocky Road to Mostar In Bosnia 🇧🇦

Hello Followers,

We travelled to Mostar in Bosnia from Split Croatia in a Thunderstorm. Crossing the mountain it seemed like the sky was sitting on top of our bus, which was actually a minibus with only six passengers including us!

To even get a bus was a job in itself. Every second person told us a different time and a different duration. It turned out to be four hours of the most spectacular scenery and frightening drops to the sea below.

We stopped at a Remote Village somewhere in the mountains for a break where everyone stared at us as though we were an alien species.

Soon we crossed the border in the wind and rain, thunder and lighting. The wind was so strong that we were delayed at border control because as soon as the customs woman stepped off the bus, all our passports and identification cards were whipped out of her hand and blown away.

We arrived at the bus station in Mostar just in time for the Muslim call to prayer which is a strange and eerie sound.

Everything felt different, it felt more poor than Croatia, the poverty was evident among the people hanging around the bus station. Our friends picked us up in an ancient yellow car and the next part of our adventure begins!!!!!!

Adrian – Life is For Living and For Giving

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