Mostar 2018 🇧🇦🇧🇦

Morning People,

Here is my experience of a few days in Mostar a beautiful city In Bosnia…

Our apartment in Mostar was cozy and warm and very pleasantly old fashioned,with a 1950s theme reflecting the style of our gorgeous hosts Mia and tia . The walls were adorned with 50s 60s icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and everything was bright and colorful.

After chilling out for a bit we set out in the lashing rain to see the old town and the famous rebuilt Mostar bridge . The place was deserted as we wove our way up and down the hilly cobblestone streets. Only one or two places were open and the dim lights gave the whole place an old world fairytale feel . The bridge and the river were in near darkness but at the far side we found a lovely old and busy restaurant, full of locals , so we knew we were on to a good thing . The staff were all dressed in traditional costume and the food was great and very very cheap, a tenner for fillet steaks beer and local liqueurs ! Everyone was warm , friendly and interested in the fact we were Irish . One girl told us we were the first Irish people she had ever met ! The interior had lots of copper , dark wood and richly coloured carpets .

We lingered a while to dry off before heading back over the sloppy cobblestones and into our warm beds

The next morning was bright and dry as we headed back to the old town after drinking tea on our balcony overlooking the whole town .The sound of the Muslim call to prayer began to sound relaxing and a completely different scene awaited us . The place was teeming with life from traders , to workers, to dark skinned little children begging on the street. The old town had become a souk , full of eastern promise with a busy happy atmosphere.

We came to the bridge which now in daylight was spectacular, arching over a torquois blue rushing river . It is an unforgettable experience . We drank tea and Turkish coffee and eat a traditional meal of cevapci and pitta bread , totally yummy , then we wandered around all day looking at the local crafts , beautiful jewelry, handmade carpets , copper household stuff and glass lamps .

We collapsed into our apartment after a lovely day and Tia brought us dinner . The next morning was hot and sunny and after a leisurely day we made our way through new streets and bombed out buildings in our yellow car , listening to personal stories of the war and all too soon we were at the train station……but we had Sarajevo to look forward too .

Until next time…

Life is For Living and For Giving


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