It is exactly 1 year since Swan Park was forced to close due to damage from the awful floods back in August 2017. A lot of the community was destroyed from the floods.

Swan Park was the communities main park and Most of the town people used it to their benefit. It was the main walking route. Their was always people in the park. The People went to the park to walk, run, cycle maybe have a picnic and see the butterfly garden. The park catered for all ages and it was very unfortunate it was damaged.

In my opinion, if Swan Park was located in the Greater Dublin area (GDA) their would of been funding available straight away to fix the park and it would be fixed in a few months. We are located in the north of Ireland. We are the most scenic county in Ireland. We have lots to offer in Donegal, but yet the Government forgets about this county.

The people of Buncrana waited long enough. We are losing money in our town because of the park . We can’t hold our community events where attracts many tourists and brings money into our community. It is affecting us. We cannot wait another year to pass without our park being fixed !

Please Taoiseach help us, the people of Buncrana and Donegal. Please help our town, our economy by giving us funding to reopen our beautiful park. We need our community events back here and we want our main community park open. It is your duty to work for the people and the communities. Please do your job, you are getting a great salary of over €185,000 a year. I’m begging you and your cabinet to help Buncrana. 1 Year on and hopefully not another year will be passed without anything being done…..


Adrian Mc Myler

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