Hi, My name is Adrian McMyler. I’m 18 years old. I’m from a beautiful town where it is very community orientated place and the people are fantastic it is a small town called Buncrana Co. Donegal. I am from a family of four with one brother who is currently travelling the world.

I started this blog because I love to travel, fashion and everyday lifestyle. I love following bloggers therefore I decided to take the risk of starting my own blog. I love to recommend places that i have been to myself to help others out on deciding their next destination to travel.

I Currently run a charity Buncrana’s Own Children in Need, I am the founder of this and privileged. I love to help other. If you are feeling down I am always open to a chat i know myself there is always trouble behind a front door so if you ever feel low I am always here.

Hope you learned a bit about me you hope you enjoy my reading my blog !

Many Thanks

Adrian @ Life is for Living and for Giving